About The Center

Translation, Authorship, and Scientific Publication Center was established at the Northern Border University by Council of Higher Education Decision No. (21/67/1432) to serve as a university publisher that prints and publishes researchers' and authors' scientific and intellectual production. The center supervises and prints textbooks to ease obtaining assigned scientific material for students. Through translation, the center Arabizes culturally and academically different books; to enhance Arabization and modernization in the university and society quantitatively and qualitatively


د. مصطفى إبراهيم عبدالرحمن العشيري
Director's name
Director of Translation, Authorship and Scientific Publication Center

Vision and Mission


To disseminate valuable material with high standards.


Supporting and encouraging outstanding scientific production; To create a stimulating environment for authorship, translation, and publication, and strengthen the University's role in achieving an effective community partnership.


  • Activating the center's role to establish the university's reputation in academic and professional circ
  • Encouraging and stimulating researchers' scientific production in writing, translation, and examination
  • Publish researchers' projects  inside and outside the university
  • Providing methodological, specialized, and cultural verified books for the university and society
  • Translating high-value scientific books for students and researchers from and to Arabic
  • Organizing events for the development of scientific publishing, authorship, and translation
  • Producing journals that serve different scientific disciplines